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Administrative Offices
Party Office
Office of Strategy and Policy Studies
Office of Confidentiality
President’s Office
Nanjing University Development Council(Board of directors)
Office of Discipline & Inspection
Supervision Department
Organization Department
Office of United Front Work(School of Socialism)
Publicity Office(Party’s School)
Student Affairs Office
The Career Center of Nanjing University;
Security Department
Army Office
The Personal Management Department
Talent-Recuriting Training and Exchange Center
Teaching Affairs Office
Science &Technology Office
Office of Military technology Projects management
Graduate Office
Discipline Construction Office
Office of International Cooperation & Exchange
Auditing Office
Financial Department
Office of Laboratory and Facility Management
Office of Logistic service
Office of Retirement affairs
Office of Infrastructure Construction

Trade Union
The Committee of the Youth League
The student Union;
The Union of Graduate Students

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